The Telecommunications and Social Informatics Research Program/ Pacific Health Informatics and Data Center (TASI/PHIDC), formerly TASI/PEACESAT, is part of the Social Science Research Institute (SSRI) of the College of Social Sciences (CSS) at the University of Hawai`i at Manoa. 

TASI/PHIDC programs incorporate an interdisciplinary approach to education and research, and work with partners from across the University of Hawaiʻi system, State of Hawaiʻi and other government and academic institutions from the Asia and Pacific Islands region.

Program and research focus areas include policy, planning, information and communications technologies and systems, health information technology, health informatics in Hawai‘i and the Pacific Islands region.


The TASI/PHIDC Research Program missions are to:

  • Provide technical assistance in policy, program planning and evaluation;
  • Facilitate public and private sector collaboration to improve community resiliency, sustainability, and health system performance; and
  • Build capacity in information technology, health data management, analytics, and data sciences.


TASI/PHIDC Team 2017
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Norman Okamura

Director, Faculty Specialist
Office: Saunders 713
  (808) 956-2909

Christina Higa

Associate Director, Assistant Specialist
Office: Saunders 713
  (808) 956-7224