In 2019, TASI/PHIDC entered into an agreement to provide technical assistance and professional services to the State of Hawai‘i Judiciary. The project, entitled “The Hawai‘i Innovations in Supervision (THIS) Initiative, is funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) – Bureau of Justice Administration (BJA), under the “Innovations in Supervision Initiative: Building Capacity to Create Safer Communities” program. The purpose of this project is to position community corrections supervisors and officers as change agents by building capacity for statewide training and technical assistance in evidence-based practices and data-driven technologies that enhance offender caseload management.

To support the Judiciary, TASI/PHIDC provides technical assistance and professional services in the evaluation, planning, and assessment of data, data systems, and technology. In addition, TASI/PHIDC is providing research and analytic support in evaluating LSI-R and ASUS assessments.